The Manual
The manual comes in two versions: a downloadable and an online version.
See: http:⁄⁄⁄docs⁄cabsw⁄
The online version of the manual
The online version of the manual opens directly inside your Webbrowser - no need to download or install anything.
You can open the online manual from inside Custom Addressbook using
Menu: Help⁄Manual⁄Open online manual
or through this direct link
Downloadable manual
The downloadable version of the manual is an executable. In other words: the manual is a program that contains both the viewer and the data.
After it has been installed, you can open the manual from inside Custom Addressbook through Menu: Help⁄Manual⁄Open. If the manual is not yet installed, Custom Addressbook will display the Install manual dialog. This dialog assists you in downloading the manual and copying it to its new location.
By default, after being installed, the location for the manual is
C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Freebyte\CustomAddressbook
where <user name> is your Windows username. But you can also choose to store the manual in some other location.
Should you wish to download the manual without the assistance of the Install manual dialog, this is definitely possible. Just go to http:⁄⁄⁄docs⁄cabsw⁄
Updating the manual
After having installed the manual through the Install manual dialog, you will be able to update it (whenever a new version of the manual is available) through Menu: Help⁄Manual⁄Update
Using the manual without installing it
Using the Install manual dialog is not mandatory. For instance, you can directly open the manual by double clicking on it (from e.g. inside the Windows Explorer file manager). Since the manual is a program that contains its own data, you can run it like any other program.
Copying the manual into the program's directory
If you are able to copy the manual into the program directory (using e.g. the Windows Explorer file manager), then Custom Addressbook will use it over any other version that you might have installed elsewhere. This is especially useful for portability purposes. For instance, you can copy both the program, its settings (.ini file) and the manual into a single directory on your USB stick. See also Portability and Notes for Windows Vista & Windows 7 users
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