Transferring Custom Addressbook to a new computer
When you have bought a new computer, you will need to transfer all your programs and data files to the new system.
Transferring the Custom Addressbook program
Method 1. You can just install the program on the new computer, and enter your registration number in the same way as you did on your old system. Your existing registration number will work on your new computer as well.
If you no longer have the original registration email, just transfer the text file cabreg.txt from the old computer to the new computer. This file can be found inside the program's directory. It contains a plain text version of your registration number.
On your new computer: when the file cabreg.txt is present in the same directory as the program, Custom Addressbook will pre-load the registration screen with your license code (upon startup). All you need to do next is to confirm the registration number on your new computer by pressing the 'OK' button.
Method 2. Another way of transferring the program is to copy the entire Custom Addressbook program directory from your old computer to a USB stick. Then plug the USB stick in your new computer, and transfer the program files into a directory on your new computer. Finally. double click on addressbook.exe on your new computer to start it.
When you use this method, no Custom Addressbook items will be created inside the Windows start menu unless you do so manually. Should you wish to uninstall the program at one point, just manually delete the directory containing the program files (in e.g. the Windows Explorer file manager).
Transferring the Custom Addressbook data files
If you are able to run Custom Addressbook on your old computer, you very likely can find the location of your files by looking at the Reopen menu. Just click "Menu: File⁄Reopen" in Custom Addressbook on your old computer and look at the items there.
The only file you will not find in the 'reopen' list is the file that is currently open. If you have a file open inside Custom Addressbook on your old computer, you also need to look at the statusbar to see where the currently opened file is located.
Then copy all the addressbook files that you found to a USB stick.
Finally, copy the files from the USB stick to your new computer. After this you can open them on your new computer inside Custom Addressbook using Menu: File⁄Open
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