First of all, Custom Addressbook does not mess up your system by installing any dlls or other similar files. It just copies the program files into one directory, and creates Windows shortcuts to them. You can also use the program without installing it as explained below.
Option 1, automatic installation: easy install
The easiest way to install Custom Addressbook is to download the file "addressbooksw_install.exe" from
The 'easy install' package installs itself without the need a zip program.
Just run addressbooksw_install.exe and follow the instructions on your screen.
Option 2, automatic installation: zip file
Alternatively, if you have downloaded the zip file from
you need to use a zip program to extract the contents to a (temporary) directory of your choice.
Then run install.exe and follow the instructions on your screen.
Option 3, manual installation: zip file
From the zip file, extract all the files into a directory of your choice (on your harddisk or on a USB stick).
Then start Addressbook.exe by double-clicking on it.
See also Windows 98 and gdiplus.dll
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