Notes for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users
You only need to read this article if you want to copy the manual yourself into the program's directory (i.e. you do not want to use the Install manual dialog as described in the article The Manual).
If Custom Addressbook finds the file addressbooksw_manual.exe inside its program directory, it will use this version of the manual over any other version that you might have installed elsewhere.
Please note that when you have installed Custom Addressbook inside c:\program files (or any of its subdirectories) on Windows Vista or Windows 7, this operating system probably will prevent you from copying anything manually into the program directory, even if you are an administrator on your computer. In that case, you might want to use the Install manual dialog which can be accessed through Menu: Help⁄Manual⁄Open and⁄or Menu⁄Help⁄Manual⁄Update. It installs the manual into your 'Local Settings' directory. See also the article on The Manual
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