Customizing Attributes
To create new attributes, change the order, delete or modify existing ones, click Menu: Define⁄Attributes.
A screenshot of the dialog Define attributes is shown below.
Adding an attribute
To add an attribute just click the Add button, then enter the name of the attribute.
Deleting an attribute
To delete an attribute, first select it using your mouse (or the keyboard cursor keys), then click Delete.
Changing the order of the attributes
You can change the order in which the attributes appear in the right-hand pane (or detail pane) inside the main screen. Just use your left-mouse button to drag-drop the item(s) to their new locations inside the list of attributes.
Attribute visibility
If you disable (or uncheck) the option Visible, the attribute will no longer appear inside the right-hand pane inside the main screen.
Number of lines
By default an attribute displays as one line of text inside the right-hand pane (in the main screen). If you increase the number of lines of the attributes (using the option Lines inside this dialog), then the selected attribute will become a multi-line attribute (or multi-line field). See also Multi-line and single-line fields
Print or do not print an attribute
Sometimes you do not wish to print certain fields⁄attributes. When you disable⁄uncheck the option Print, the attribute will not be part of any print output.
Attribute print separator
By default, each attribute is printed on a separate line. In other words: the attributes are separated by a line break. Instead of following a line break, you can configure one or more attributes to succeed a comma, dash, semi-colon, slash or a space.
Finalizing changes
Only after you click on the OK button in this screen will the changes be applied to the database. Clicking on Cancel will annul any changes you might have made inside this dialog.
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