Customizing your data structure
Custom Addressbook enables you to define your own data structure.
For instance, you can easily add, delete and modify your own 'attributes' (these are the fields you can see in the program's right-hand pane (or 'detail pane'), such as 'Phone Number', 'Email Address', 'First name').
For more information, please see Customizing attributes
You can also define (add, delete, modify) 'categories' (these are groups into which you can organize your data, e.g. 'Friends', 'Home', 'Office', 'Family', etc.).
Please see Customizing categories.
File properties
On how to customize the caption of the main Addressbook window (the 'file title'), and the number of attributes that are listed for each item in the left-hand pane (or 'list pane'), please see Customizing file properties
Changing the sort-order of the items
You can also display the order in which the items are displayed in the list (left-hand pane). Please see here.
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