Double clicking on phone number fields will result in the program dialing the phone number, but only if a functioning modem or other dialing device is connected to the computer or if you have a VOIP (= Voice over IP) program installed, such as Skype.
By default Custom Addressbook uses the Windows Telephony device. You can also configure Custom Addressbook to use a VOIP program, such as Skype in the options screen (tab 'Misc'). Please note that for this to work you need to have a separate VOIP (Voice over IP) program installed.
To override the default settings for an individual phone field, you can add the prefix 'callto:⁄⁄' or 'phone:⁄⁄' to the field in the main window (right-hand pane).
If you insert 'phone:⁄⁄' just before the phone number (at the beginning of the field), Custom Addressbook will always use the Windows Telephony device for this phone number.
For example: phone:⁄⁄001345219901
If you insert 'callto:⁄⁄' at the beginning of the phone number, then Custom Addressbook will always use Skype (or another VOIP program) for that phone number.
For example: callto:⁄⁄001345219901
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