Changing the iItems sort order
What Addressbook does is automatically sort items in the list (left-hand pane) according to the order of the fields (as they appear in the right pane).
So, suppose that - in the right-hand pane, or the detail pane - you display (in this order) the attributes:
postal code
Then the items (in the left pane) are sorted according to name,company, address, postal code, etc. (and in this order).
Items will also be printed in this order.
You can change the order of the fields, as displayed in the right-hand pane and this affects the order in which the items are printed as well, by using the Addressbook settings screen, or by clicking
Menu: Define⁄Attributes
Then by drag-drop you can change the order in which the attributes appear.
This will affect the way the items are sorted (in the left pane of the main screen) and printed.
So if the attributes appear in the order
postal code
(in the right pane in the main screen, and in the Define attributes dialog)
then that is how the items will be sorted (in the left-hand pane in the main screen and the print output).
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