Store settings in the Windows registry
This is the default option. When it is enabled, settings are stored in the registry when Custom Addressbook closes, and retrieved from the registry when Custom Addressbook starts. The registry key where Custom Addressbook stores its information is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freebyte\addressbook
Store settings in an .ini file in the program's directory
After you enable this option, the settings will be removed from the registry and stored inside an .ini file inside the directory of the program instead. The name of the .ini file is cab.ini.
This option is useful when you want to run the program from a USB stick (portability!). You can take the program, data and settings with you on a USB stick, plug it into another computer and run it from there. See also Portability
How Custom Addressbook finds its settings
When Custom Addressbook starts, it first scans its program directory for the presence of the settings file cab.ini.
(1) If that file is found the program will read its settings from cab.ini.
(2) If the file is not found, Custom Addressbook attempts to read its settings from the registry.
(3) If no settings are found in the registry nor the ini file, Custom Addressbook loads its default settings.
Using an .ini file on Windows Vista and Windows 7:
Notes for Windows Vista & Windows 7 users
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