Selecting items
In the screenshot below, 'Michelle Pfeiffer' is selected in the left-hand pane, also called the list of items.
The right-hand pane shows the details of 'Michelle Pfeiffer':
Name = Michelle Pfeiffer
Company = Batman Returns Inc.
Bus. Phone = <empty>
The right-hand pane is also called the Detail pane. The fields or attributes in the right-hand pane are:
Name, Company, Bus. Phone, Home Phone, Other Phone, Fax, etc .
You can select an address-item inside the left-hand pane by clicking on the item with your left mouse button. As a consequence, the details of the selected item will appear in the right-hand pane (or 'detail pane').
For instance, when you click on 'Nelson Mandela' in the left-hand pane, the detail pane will show the attributes of 'Nelson Mandela' (instead of 'Michelle Pfeiffer'), as shown directly below:
Selecting multiple items can be done by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the items (in the left-hand pane).
You can select a range of items by holding down the Shift key while clicking on an item.
You can select all items inside the current category through Menu: Items⁄Select all or just press Ctrl A on your keyboard.
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