Customizing categories
To define your own categories, delete or modify existing ones, click Menu: Define⁄Categories
This will open the Define categories dialog which is shown below.
Adding a category
To add a new category to your database, just click the Add button and enter the name of the new category.
Deleting a category
To delete the selected category, click on the Delete button. You can only delete a category if it does not contain any address items. If you try to delete a non-empty category an error message is displayed. So if you want to delete a category which is not empty, first  move the items to another category (or delete them) using the main Addressbook window. See Copying and Moving items and Deleting items.
Changing a category's caption
To change the caption of a category (the caption, not the name is displayed in the main Addressbook window), click inside the Caption editbox and edit the caption.
Changing a category's visibility
To hide a category, disable⁄uncheck the option Visible by clicking on itTo show a category, enable⁄check the option Visible. When a category is invisible inside the main Addressbook window, you can still access its items by using the All data category. These items will also show up during a search.
The difference between the name and the caption
Please note that you cannot alter the Name of a category. The Name is fixed once you have defined it. It used internally by Custom Addressbook to identify and reference a specific Category.
On the other hand, a category's Caption is used by custom addressbook to display the category to the person using the program.
Changing the category order
You can change the order in which categories appear (inside the main screen) by using drag-drop on (the items in) the list of categories.
Finalizing changes
Only after you click on the OK button in this screen will the changes be applied to the database. Clicking on Cancel will annul any changes you might have made inside this dialog.
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