To copy all items which are selected in the left-hand pane to clipboard, you can use
Menu: Items⁄Copy to clipboard
This will copy all the attributes of the selected items to the Windows clipboard.
Attributes are for instance: name, phone number, email address.
For example, suppose you copy an item 'Antonio Parra' to clipboard, then the clipboard contains this:
Antonio Parra
Lachaise Inc.
304 000
Rue de la Republique 432
If you want to copy the names of the attributes on the clipboard as well, you can specify this in the Settings screen, category Clipboard
After copying the item 'Antonio Parra' with this option enabled, then the clipboard contains this:
Name: Antonio Parra
Company: Lachaise Inc.
Bus. Phone: 304 000
Address: Rue de la Republique 432
City: Paris
Adding items to clipboard
Copying items to clipboard will erase the previous contents of the clipboard. You can also add items to the Windows clipboard without erasing the previous contents.
You can do this using Menu: Items⁄Add to clipboard.
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