Printing address labels
One can print address lables directly from within Custom Addressbook.
(1) Click the print tool-button or "menu:file⁄print", which will make the print-preview screen visible
(2) In the print-preview screen, check⁄enable the option 'Print rows and columns'
(3) Customize the margins, number of rows and columns, distance between rows and columns, paper size, according to the type of address labels you wish to print to.
(4) Use the 'preview' button to view the results without printing
(5) use the 'print' button to send the results to the printer.
Printing attributes on the same line
If you have defined attributes like 'first name' and 'last name' you might want to print them on the same line when printing address labels.
Inside the options screen, each attribute has an option the 'print separator'. This is the character which will be printed after the attribute (or field) is printed and it can be a 'new line' or 'line break' as well.
In fact, by default the print separator is a 'line break', meaning that after the attribute is printed, a 'line break' is printed and the next attribute will be printed on a new line.
You can also define the separator to be a comma, dash, semi-colon, slash or space. This will result in e.g. a comma to be printed after the attribute, and after the comma the next attribute will be printed (on the same line).
Please note print separators are only effective when printing in 'Print rows and colums' is enabled in the print screen. Print separators are ignored when 'Print rows and columns' is disabled in the print screen.
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