Saving⁄Loading your registration number to⁄from file
Saving the registration number to text file
If you run the program in registered mode, you can save your Custom Addressbook registration number directly to a text file from within the registration screen (it can be wise to have a backup copy of your registration number).
(1) In the main Addressbook window, click Menu: Help⁄Registration information
(2) Right-click on the registration number, and select 'Save to file...'
Loading the registration number from a text file
If you run Custom Addressbook on a new computer, you can load the registration number directly from a text file (instead of opening the text file first in a text-editor and then copy⁄paste it into the Addressbook registration screen).
(1) Start Custom Addressbook
(2) When it asks for your registration number, right-click on the empty 'registration number field' and choose 'Load from file...'.
The text file can also be the entire copy of the registration email sent to you when you purchased the program. Custom Addressbook will search the text file for the first occurrence of the registration number and will load only the registration number.
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