Custom Addressbook Manual About this Manual Full Table of Contents General Information What is Custom Addressbook? Evaluation Period Support Registering Custom Addressbook Distribution license New Features Getting started Package contents Installation Windows 98 and gdiplus.dll Uninstalling Custom Addressbook Portability Using Custom Addressbook Introducing Custom Addressbook Selecting items Inserting items Deleting items Editing an item Multi-line and single-line fields Navigating between fields Search Password protection Saving data Additional features Auto-dial Backup Changing the program's appearance Clipboard Copying and Moving items Command-line parameters The "Edit field" window File Export File Import Transferring to a new computer Hyperlinks Minimize to tray Print and Print Preview Printing Address Labels Resizing the left and right panes Saving/Loading your registration number to/from file Shortcut keys Customizing your data structure Customizing attributes Customizing categories Customizing file properties Sort order of the items, changing Settings Clipboard Display New file Phone Settings Notes for Windows Vista & 7 users Startup Shutdown The Manual: installation Notes for Windows Vista & 7 users